Gain the Edge!

Whether you are an aspiring high school athlete looking to stand out in the college recruiting process, or a collegiate coach wanting your team to become more competitive or cohesive, the Forza Institute has a unique training program perfect for you!

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Athletes will come away with: Increased Confidence, Ability to Articulate Strengths to College Coaches, and an Action-Plan for Maximizing their Strengths on the Field.

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Coaches will come away with: In-depth Understanding of Each Player’s Personality and Strength, Strengths-Based Communication Strategies, and an Ability to Successfully Designate Team Leadership Roles.

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Teams will come away with: Increased Team Cohesion, Deeper Understanding, Respect, and Trust among Team Members, and an Ability to Maximize Team SUCCESS!!!

What We Offer

We offer many training options, ranging between 2-hour One-on-One coaching sessions, to 1 ½ day full-team retreats. Our training style creates a fun, yet challenging and meaningful day filled with teaching, conversations, and activities to keep the entire team engaged.


Using the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, we identify each athlete/coach's Top 5 Signature Themes. Each of the 34-strengths are then introduced in a fun and engaging way. Using real-life sport scenarios, and direct quotes from elite athletes, every individual team member will gain a solid foundation of strengths. We work to ensure each player and coach is empowered to be the mentally strongest he/she can be.


This is the ultimate team-building experience! Based on a collective team strengths report, we create a unique opportunity to recognize and validate the talent in each team member. This session fosters deeper trust and cohesion within the team. Many athletes and coaches have shared that this is one of the most powerful team experiences they have had. Our primary goal in this session is to solidify team commitment, and validate what each individual brings to the table beyond their athletic skill.


Each of the 34-strengths fall into four domains of leadership: Executing, Influencing, Relationship-Building, and Strategic Thinking. This session provides insight into the overall team leadership profile, and explores how each individual can not only thrive in their personal leadership capacity, but also contribute to the team’s success in the most effective and influential way.

This is a great way for student athletes to get to know themselves, their individual strengths and their teammates. Every student-athlete learns how they can contribute to the overall team’s success as well as how their teammates can utilize their particular skill set for the betterment of the team.”

Margo Jonker
Head Coach, Central Michigan University